HF216 with One Phat DJ

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One Phat DJ

12 Apr 2024


HF216 with One Phat DJ

It's been a minute since his last outing so One Phat DJ has gone all in with a bumper selection of tunes from his crate over the past few months. Get ready…!

Track Listing

  1. Ferry Ultra, Ann Sexton = Rising Up (Art Of Tones Remix)
  2. Michele Chiavarini, Carmichael MusicLover - Feet Don't Fail Me Now (Original Mix)
  3. Peter Mac, Ed Ramsey, Sweet Georgie - Soul Deep (Emmaculate Extended Remix)
  4. Andromeda Orchestra - Swing On (Original Mix)
  5. David Morales, DJ Meme, Antoinette Dunleavy - LOVE TAKES 2 (Original Mix)
  6. Inaya Day, HiFi Sean, DeVonde - The Redemption (Original Mix)
  7. Kathy Brown, Sonic Soul Orchestra - Ooh What a Life (Qwestlife Remix)
  8. Michael Gray, Kimberly Brown, The Sultra Gospel Singers - Fly Away (Extended Mix)
  9. Adelphi Music Factory - More Than Words (Extended Mix)
  10. OFFAIAH - Hands (Extended Mix)
  11. ATFC - Get Busy (Richard Earnshaw & Ridney Extended Remix)
  12. The Shapeshifters - Body Music (Extended Mix)
  13. Kathy Brown, Wh0 - Believer (Extended Mix)
  14. Shermanology - Sometimes (Extended Mix)
  15. Micks Lauda, Max Hunez - Ruf Mich
  16. Joe Goddard, Fiorious - New World (Flow) (Roman Flügel Dance Remix)
  17. Ultra Nate, Les Bisous - DANGEROUS (So Dare Me) (Extended Mix)
  18. Les Bisous - Everybody Dancin' (Original Mix)
  19. Elektrik Disko, Dr Packer - My Lovin' (Extended Mix)
  20. YOURS - 80'S (OUR LOVE) (Extended Mix)
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