One Phat DJ Podcast (2005-2009)

The original season of the podcast, hosted by the founder One Phat DJ.

Back in the Summer of 2005, One Phat DJ uploaded one of his mixes, Funky Pants, to a blog before realising it could then be syndicated as a podcast.

It was submitted to the iTunes Podcast Directory and the journey started.

One Phat DJ on iTunes Podcast homepage One Phat DJ is a Featured Music Podcast Number 22 One Phat DJ on iTunes again One Phat review

Over the following 4 years, One Phat DJ continued to share regular mixes every month, growing a loyal following from around the globe and establishing his sound as a "taste-maker" in the house music industry with fantastic support from featured artists, vocalists and labels but, most importantly, the listeners.

Listen back to all 51 mixes from the archives.