The Jovi’ Jubilee Jam with Disco77

Disco77 is back to kick off June’s #FinesseFriday with his special Jovi’ jubilee jam to continue Queenie’s celebrations.

Track Listing

  1. Beau – Stuck on Repeat
  2. Mark Wilkinson & Micheal Chivariani ft Rita Campbell – Runaway Love
  3. Mousse T ft Suzie – D.I.S.C.O. (Shane D Refix)
  4. Husky ft Natalie Conway – Magic In You
  5. Per QX ft Karmina Dai – Throwin My Hands Up
  6. Hayley May – Feel It
  7. Piem ft Lili Caseley – Discotheque
  8. Got Some ft Georgina Meek – Dead End
  9. Black Caviar ft Lee Wilson – Pink Shoes
  10. Kuhl Kuhl – Twenty Five Minutes (Mind Electric Remix)
  11. Jay Vegas – Shakin’ (2022 Remaster)
  12. Kid Massive – Alright
  13. Block & Crown – Swing to Our Hip Hop House (Adri Block Remix)
  14. Paul Johnson – Get Get Down (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)
  15. Moony – Dove (I’ll Be Loving You Forever)
  16. Braybrooke ft Elliot Chapman & Lara G – You Know Love Will Be

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