HF202 with Andi King

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05 Jan 2024


HF202 with Andi King

We kickstart 2024 with Andi King bringing some new sounds, a new look, all accompanied by the likes of Hutch, Melvo Baptiste, Jazzy M and many more familiar names.

Track Listings

  1. Spacer - Dave Lee, Sheila & B.Devotion

  2. ⁠Are they real - Groove P

  3. ⁠YoYo Disco - Wolfram, Josh Ludlow, Purple Disco Machine

  4. ⁠Fresh - Crazibiza

  5. ⁠Roulette - Yuksek

  6. ⁠Hallelujah in Heaven - The Vision, Ben Westbeech

  7. ⁠Let’s start to dance again - Bohannon, Dr Perri Johnson, Dimitri from Paris

  8. ⁠Musical Freedom- Soul Avengerz, Adeva

  9. ⁠Ready for Love - Love Klubb, Richard Earnshaw

  10. ⁠Gonna be Alright - Melvo Baptiste, Jamie 3:26, Annette Bowen

  11. ⁠Nagu - Sam Redmore

  12. ⁠Jazzin’ the Way - Jazzy M, Knee Deep mix

  13. ⁠Pasilda - Afro Medusa

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