Featuring… Sarah Jae (Again)

Following her awesome Summer debut, Sarah Jae has returned with another delightfully deep and soulful house mix to warm up your Autumnal #FinesseFriday.

Track Listing

  1. Modd- Ruskeala (Extended Mix)
  2. Davide Ferrario – Model (Bengal Remix)
  3. Kora (CA), Wachuma – Naavi (Original Mix)
  4. Mass Digital – Someone Like You (Original Mix)
  5. Kora (CA), Nic Falardea – Om Namah (Original Mix)
  6. Gab Rhome – Do Not Grill Inside (Original Mix)
  7. Newman (I Love) – Breath Of The Souls (Original Mix)
  8. Steve Kelley – Bruneck (Original Mix)
  9. Lumoon, Robin – Want It Back (Saison Extended Remix)
  10. Soledrifter – Shut It Down Boogie (Original Mix)
  11. Sebastian Leger – Kanga (Original Mix)
  12. DJ Fudge, Kiko Navarro – So Tight (Original Mix)

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