May ’08 – Warm Up

The sun is out, everyone is feeling good so what more reason do you need for a healthy dose of fresh and funky house, all mixed up by your resident DJ? Let’s get straight on with it…


With it being Deaf Awareness Week, it seems appropriate to highlight the Don’t Lose The Music campaign. Being a DJ and huge lover of music in general, I am constantly aware of the dangers of losing my hearing, especially after watching the awesome movie “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” where DJ Frankie Wilde (played by the brilliant Paul Kaye) loses his hearing from over-indulging in the Ibiza lifestyle. The intention of Don’t Lose The Music is to raise awareness of playing your music safely, be it in a club atmosphere or on your iPod earphones. One Phat DJ strongly urges you to consider taking care of your ears, as well as bring awareness to those around you. Those of us who can appreciate music should not take it for granted – there are some people who aren’t so lucky. Give those people a thought too…
Don’t Lose The Music banner
With the serious issues said and done, it’s now time to cheer things up again and present to you Episode 46 of the One Phat DJ Podcast – it’s the May ’08 Warm Up.
May '08 Warm Up artwork by Sam Hardacre


Track Listing

  1. PulseThe Lover That You Are (Marlon D & George Mena Club Mix)

  2. Michelle WeeksA Purpose (The Jinks Classic Vox Mix)

  3. Mikkel Wendelboe & Sensual Soul ft J-SunFree Your Mind (Original)

  4. Michelle WilliamsWe Break The Dawn (Mr. Mig Remix)

    • Label: Sony BMG
    • Released: TBC
    • Exclusive!
    • Time: 00:16:45
  5. Morten Trust ft TeeBeeEverything (Original)

  6. Sound FamigliaNeed Me Want Me (Original Mix)

  7. UBP presents Michael ProcterLove Don’t Live – Part 2 (The UBP Classic Club Mix)

  8. Souldynamic ft Nicole TylerMeant To Be (Park Street Remix)

  9. Stefano Gamma vs Jenny BShine Into My Life (Sounds Of Life Full Vocal Mix)

  10. Knights Of The Round TablesSaxed Up (DJ Spen & The Muthafunkerz Mix)

  11. Ricki-LeeU Wanna Little Of This (Club Mix)

    • Label: Hed Kandi
    • Released: May 19th 2008
    • Exclusive!
    • Time: 00:58:16
  12. Winston & Yoddy ft Kyla SextonDisco Dynamite (Saming Mix)

  13. Licious K ft SaskiaAll For You (Licious K ‘Soulsession’ Mix)

3 responses to “May ’08 – Warm Up”

  1. I never really thought about funk / house / funky house (whichever it is) as my kind of music, but I’m gonna have to backpedal on that. That’s some nice music so I’m going to have to find some more now…

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