Autumn Falls

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05 Oct 2007

Autumn Falls

With the house scene, you tend to have "seasons" of new material. The Summer months are full of huge tracks, ideal for the influx of clubbers going out. Not a week would go past without a potential "classic" getting released. Even if it is short-lived, the general consensus gives in to commercialism, putting full support behind the producer or DJ of the moment. On the flip-side, there are so called quiet seasons. This is when the popular producers are rinsed of their originality and energy, returning to their studios to create the next masterpiece. Unfortunately, this is one of those said seasons. Nothing against the material I've got my hands on - all the tracks I've featured get the One Phat DJ Seal of Approval. The problem is, few of the featured tracks have that X Factor we're all listening out for. With the likes of Joey Negro, Jason Herd and Martin Solveig taking the stage, this is no walk in the park. So I suggest you ignore everything I just said, download the mix and prepare yourself for some funky house treats, all mixed up in typical fashion. I give you Episode 32 of the One Phat DJ Podcast, "Autumn Falls". Autumn Falls by One Phat DJ

Track Listing

  1. Prince Dred ft Naeemah Harper - I'm Feeling You (Disco Mix) Label: Afro Soul Released: 10th September 2007 Buy: DJ Download Position: 00:00:00.000 Kicking off this month's podcast is a luscious introduction to some vocal house. Taking a laid back approach, Naeemah's beautiful sultry vocals give "I'm Feeling You" that added sparkle while Prince Dred has conjured up a magical production. The edgy but calm strings really add some atmosphere to this track, don't you think?
  2. D3 ft Ivana B - Freedom (DJ Circle Remix) Label: TriCircle Recordings Released: 3rd September 2007 Buy: DJ Download & Traxsource Position: 00:05:45.000 We continue the mix with more mellow beats in the form of TriCircle's D3 and DJ Circle's work on the track "Freedom". What really grabbed my attention in this track was the breakdown in the middle of the track. I'm a sucker for clever build-ups - DJ Circle and D3 have done themselves proud on this one. The production is still of top class and the vocals from Ivana B are certainly very warming during these cold Autumn months. Worthy of ApprovalĀ®.
  3. Mischa Daniels Project - Disconnected (Extended Mix) Label: Zouk Recordings Released: 27th August 2007 Buy: DJ Download Position: 00:11:30.005 Time to introduce some more strings and this time compliments of the Mischa Daniels Project. Reminiscent of the likes of Shapeshifters early material, these guys really know how to build atmosphere with a funky bassline and some overpowering strings. As you come to expect with One Phat DJ ApprovedĀ® tracks, there are some fantastic vocals in there, unfortunately I couldn't tell you who by. Top tune anyway!
  4. Supaflava - In Motion (Original Club Mix) Label: Seamless Recordings Released: 17th September 2007 Buy: DJ Download Position: 00:14:45.000 Raising momentum ever so slightly now with Supaflava's latest offering "In Motion". Atmospheric synth stings add to the production really nicely, with Sophie Cairo's vocals really shining through from the breakdown onwards when the strings are also introduced bringing the track to it's impending climax.
  5. Jason Herd - So Strong (19808s Vocal Mix) Label: J Funk Recordings Released: 27th August 2007 Buy: DJ Download Position: 00:20:15.000 Time to whip out the big guns now, firstly with one half of production master's Herd and Fitz, Jason Herd. His latest offering is what is destined to be a club belter. Going for that winning formula of big piano loops alongside catchy lyrics, Jason has certainly nailed that funky house sound. The production has a very similar feel to the likes of Joey Negro's latest material but that isn't a bad thing, oh no! Just you wait until the next track.
  6. Joey Negro - Too Much Information (Original) Label: Ministry of Sound Released: TBC Position: 00:27:15.000 Dave Lee (the real name of Joey Negro) has proved he's no stranger to the house scene. Regularly churning out huge house music hits for well over fifteen years, he has developed his own winning formula which is impossible to fault. His ability to develop some of the scene's most recognised loops and samples has made him a downright legend on the scene and "Too Much Information" is a perfect example of that. Employing another mighty diva to add the inevitable vocals to this track has firmly made it a favourite for the year with the monster label Ministry of Sound snapping it up in a breath. All the sounds you've come to expect from Joey Negro are in there - big synth loops, small synth loops, big vocals. It's a belter!
  7. E-volution ft Shauna Jensen - Free (Wayne G Original Mix) Label: White Label Released: TBA Position: 00:33:00.000 Get those disco balls out, its time to funk it up a notch. I found this awesome catchy number at a small record store on Greek Street in London in amongst a shed-load of camp remixes and was immediately impressed. Shauna Jensen's vocals shine through just like all those disco queens did thirty odd years ago. The verses lay down the basics leading up to the belting chorus. Plenty of filters have been applied to the production which lends well to developing the track. Good luck finding a copy - this was a white label in amongst many. The challenge is on DJs!
  8. Silvano Da Silva ft Lecardinale - The Night (Vocal Mix) Label: Soulisimo Records Released: 1st October 2007 Buy: DJ Mag Position: 00:39:00.000 The first track from my new online haunt DJ Mag Download is this funky number from the shiny-named Silvano Da Silva. I'm addicted to simple piano loops (in case you haven't already noticed) which pretty much dominate "The Night". We finally get some male vocals in the mix with this track thanks to smoothly filtered Lecardinale and his charming warbles (although those high pitched tones are slightly concerning - how he got up there I dread to think). You can also look forward to some more catchy loops which you are bound to recognise from yester-year around the middle of the track too. Great production, perfect for building up the mix towards the climax.
  9. Jonni Black vs Una Mas - Raise (Main Mix) Label: NO2 Released: 17th September 2007 Buy: Traxsource Position: 00:46:15.000 If there weren't enough strings in the mix as it is, Jonni Black has gone and done it - he's added yet more. I won't hold grudge though - far from it. I love 'em! Teaming up with vocalist Una Mas (she of "I Will Follow" fame from 2002), this has classic Defected written all over it (even if it isn't). It's a fine production with some delectable vocals added to the simple string loops with the obligatory breakdown and build up. Only what you'd come to expect from an ApprovedĀ® track.
  10. Mr Timothy - Keep Rockin' (Original 12 Inch Mix) Label: Casa Rosso Recordings Released: 17th September 2007 Buy: DJ Download Position: 00:52:22.031 Injecting some life in to the beats now is Mr Timothy with his beefcake tune known as "Keep Rockin'". Released under the German' label Casa Rosso Recordings, you are sure to find this track's infectious feel taking over your day, with plenty of strong vocals from Donica Thorton, crazy-ass samples and loops, and interrogating beats. Pure gold!
  11. Housefeller ft Cheryl Porter aka C. Moore - Live Your Life (Rivaz & Zucchi Classic Mix) Label: D:Vision Released: 28th September 2007 Buy: DJ Mag & DJ Download Position: 00:57:53.203 Presenting one half of a double A-side release from the collaboration between Housefeller and Cheryl Porter, "Live Your Life" is, in my opinion, the better of the two (the other being the slightly repetitive "Mama"). Verging on the side of gospel house, Cheryl Porter's vocals really lend well to this powerhouse track. Her powerful voice rings through the upbeat production, taking over the strong piano hook, creating a solid sound which is sure to raise the momentum of the mix.
  12. Martin Solveig ft Jay Sebag - Rejection (Original Club Edit) Label: Defected Released: 5th August 2007 Buy: DJ Download Position: 01:02:22.441 The legendary French producer is back with yet another catchy track, destined for huge chart success. Featured on the album "Hedonist" alongside his other huge hits Everybody, Rocking Music, Something Better and Jealousy, it's got some big competition. Thankfully, the simple production and catchy vocals from Jay Sebag should really help it gain the commercial exposure it so rightly deserves. This track oozes its French house credentials, really confirming Martin Solveig is a force to be reckoned with. Fingers crossed for him to make it big with this one. Let's just hope he doesn't do a Bob Sinclar!
  13. Earth Wind & Fire - September 99 (Phats & Small Remix) Label: INCredible Released: 20th July 1999 Buy: iTunes Position: 01:05:33.926 I was inspired to dig this tune out of my old record box after hearing a remix of Earth Wind Fire's "September" during a club scene in the movie Babel The version in the movie is apparently remixed by Japanese DJ Fantastic Plastic Machine, which is quite craftily mixed into Fatboy Slim's "The Joker" - you can download it on iTunes if you fancy a listen anyway. Rather than plugging this version (which, to be honest, would be a nightmare to mix) I thought I'd treat you to a version by the other famous Brighton DJs, namely Phats & Small. The song itself doesn't really need much of an introduction - its a disco classic made in to a house classic. It's a Classic!


As per usual, leave your comments. Love it, hate it - it doesn't matter. I need your honest opinions on the mixes to know how I'm doing. If I don't get feedback, it will never develop. Enjoy your Autumn (or Spring for the Southern hemisphere)! Update: Christian Rode has kindly sorted out a CUE file for this mix so why not go download it if you want to burn the mix to CD?