Apr '08 - Crescendo

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24 Apr 2008

Apr '08 - Crescendo

With the first May bank holiday fast approaching, it's unlikely many of you will be sitting in, "having a quiet one". I'm sure the majority will be planning huge nights out with your mates, either out on the town or taking over the sound system in someone's house for an all-nighter. Surely with all this partying, you'll need the latest funky house tunes to get you in the mood, if not to get you through the night? Well, never fear, One Phat DJ is here with yet another mix for all you lovely, lovely people out there to throw on and enjoy. Apr '08 Crescendo artwork by Sam Hardacre


Episode 45 comes with a host of huge anthems from around the house circuit at the moment, some you may have heard, some you may not. One Phat DJ regulars Miki Moto & Bobby Blanco kick of the preceedings with a fine remix of the 1997 hit "Keep Love Together" which features the ever sustainable vocalist Kelly Llorenna. We then get a welcome return from our Brighton boys the Freemasons with their stonking remix of the 1995 classic "Disco's Revenge" by Gusto, a track that seems to be getting sampled quite a bit lately. It seems remixed classics are all the rage at the moment as its not long before Warren Clarke puts Utah Saints' "Something Good" through his sound desk to create a huge piano driven production sure to get you in the party mood. We then turn the pace up a notch or two with ATFC's awesome "Up To 11" remix of Mark Picchiotti and Basstoy's rather aptly named "Turn It Up", shortly followed by Robbie Rivera's dirty number "One Eye Shut" and another remix from that Funky Chicken, this time in the form of Funkerman's delightful "Speed Up". We've not heard from our favourite Swedish producer StoneBridge for a while - well, if he's busy producing monster tracks like "You Don't Know" and "Close To Heaven" in his silence, who's to complain? Top work mister, keep the anthems coming! Unless you've been under a rock for the best part of 2008, you may have noticed that it's all about the big bassline this year. Everywhere you turn, you'll hear that infectious bassline taking over the local club or nearest chav's car sound system. One producer who is really making the most of the trend is Delinquent. If he's not busy enough remixing every damned dance or RnB track to get a release this year, he's also managed to sort out a few productions of his own. For your delight, The Wideboys have given "My Destiny" a bit of tweaking for the electro house scene. (Keep tuned to the podcast for a nice little bassline treat coming very soon). It must be Summer if the last act are making a return - Max and Simon of The Shapeshifters fame have not only created an awesome double-A side in "Chime" and "Treadstone" but they've also been signed to one of the finest house labels in the world, Defected. Congratulations goes out to the boys - its the recognition we've all been waiting for.


Track Listing

  1. Love To Infinity ft Kelly Llorenna - Keep Love Together (Moto Blanco Mix)

  2. Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix)

  3. Groove Division - Now Or Never (Extended Vocal Mix)

  4. Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (Warren Clarke Remix)

  5. Mark Picchiotti presents Basstoy ft Dana Devine - Turn it Up (ATFC "Up To 11" Remix)

    • Label: Adhesive
    • Released: TBC
    • Exclusive!
    • Time: 00:22:48
  6. Robbie Rivera - One Eye Shut (E-Squire Mix)

  7. Funkerman - Speed Up (ATFC's 0-60 Extended Mix)

  8. Stonebridge ft Kenny Thomas - You Don't Know (Club Mix)

  9. Delinquent ft Kcat - My Destiny (The Wideboys Remix)

  10. Out Of Office - Break Of Dawn 2008 (Club Mix)

  11. Jesse Garcia - Off Da Hook (Original)

  12. StoneBridge - Close To Heaven (Club Mix)

  13. Shapeshifters - Chime (Original Mix)