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29 Jul 2012


Where's Funky Gone?

Before you panic, funky house is going nowhere. Si has long pushed the "funky house" label on his regular podcast in an attempt to group the broad range of genres he covers. House music has evolved in that time, diversifying into other niches, creating many other sub-genres, essentially diluting the funky sound.

Rather than battle on, it made sense to deliver what we believe in, what we're passionate about, what got us all into the music from the start, the finest in house music - “house finesse” if you will.

Welcome, Souljackerz

Over the last few years, you may have become familiar with a certain DJ duo who go by the name of the Souljackerz. These guys have produced countless tunes in a variety of genres, each with their own distinctive calibre, often featured in the shows. They have won awards, competitions and toured the globe DJing at top nights.

We're honoured to welcome Matt Tsang and Stuart Braybrooke to the House Finesse roster. The guys will be taking the reigns of the regular show for the next 6 months whilst Si takes a break to enjoy his new baby.

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